Who Are Applied Strategic Solutions Pty Ltd ?
Applied Strategic Solutions Pty Ltd offers innovative, technologically advanced and aggressive business solutions, applied through in depth understanding of how business can use IT to gain a competitive advantage in the market place.
A.S.S. builds a partnership with its customers that will help them grow and prosper and become the market leaders of the future.
A.S.S. has a reputation for building reliable, available and secure Computer systems that require minimum maintenance and provide maximum reliability at a cost small to medium business can afford.  Applied Strategic Solutions Pty Ltd is gaining a reputation for designing and implementing systems that provide for the growth and success of their customers, and the maximization of the benefits available from well designed and implemented computing infrastructure.
A.S.S. also designed, installed and maintains the systems of Gresham Cosmetics Pty Ltd, including the design, installation and implementation of a totally new network and infrastructure in their new head office and warehousing facility in 2000 at Metroplex on Gateway, Murarrie Queensland.  Gresham Cosmetics Pty Ltd has been declared small business of the year 2001.
A.S.S. configured an implemented networks consisting of PCs and Laptops running Windows 95,98,NT4, Windows 2000 Professional, NT4 and Windows 2000 servers, Bar-coding equipment, Radio Networking, ISDN and a CAT5 UTP LAN and Nortel PABX.  They have also managed the computing infrastructure of multiple divers organizations with full control and responsibility for all areas of Information Technology and Telecommunications infrastructure including PABXs, Telecommunications planning and Provider Management, Internet Site development and management, Internet Communications, EDI, Communications, LANs, WANs, etc. A.S.S. also is responsible for the design implantation and maintenance Manufacturing, Sales and Finance Systems in a number of organizations,
The methods and designs used by Applied Strategic Solutions have been tried and tested within the Pradella Group especially within Welded Tube Mills of Australia Pty Ltd (now Orrcon). Welded Tube Mills relies heavily on its computing infrastructure as demonstrated by its small Administration/management and Sales staff.
A.S.S. staff has also had experience in contracting and working for large corporate organisations and Government to leverage business advantages from information technologies and telecommunications. This includes remote inventory management, EDI, Electronic commerce and Internet solutions.
Over the last seven years A.S.S. have implemented Microsoft NT and Windows 2000 server environments, running NetBEUI, IPX/SPX and TCP/IP.  Implemented Systems include Windows NT Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, FaxWare, MS Office, MS Proxy, MS IIS, MS Exchange, MS SQL Server, ACOTEC MPR, FoxPro, PowerBuilder, Arcserve, Intel LANDesk Manager, FrontPage, Visual Basic, Adobe Photoshop, Omni page as well as other utilities.   A.S.S. has implemented wide area networks Frame, VPN, ISDN, Fibre ST, and PSTN.  A.S.S. also has substantial experience in using the Internet and E-mail for transactions with customers and suppliers.  This includes development of substantial WEB sites. 
A.S.S. staff has developed Strategic Computer System plans, including the integration into the corporate strategic plans.