A.S.S. are dedicated to helping Customers become the Business Leaders of Tomorrow by providing the most effective, flexible and profitable Business Solutions.
A.S.S. achieves success by locating the best personnel, retaining them by offering industry and business training, then offering rewards for achieving excellence and customer satisfaction
in the industry.
Ultimately A.S.S. wishes to achieve excellence through service and a complete understanding
of our customers’ businesses.
Applied Strategic Solutions has firmly established roots in the fertile soil of
Queensland’s burgeoning business community.
Since 1994, Applied Strategic Solutions’ founders, Theo Driessen and Tonny Hansen have built a highly effective team which have planned, designed, developed, implemented and maintained Information Technology and Telecommunications systems for their customers in industries including -
  • Manufacturing (including Steel Rolling Mills, Coating Lines, Fabrication, Plastics, Cosmetics, Publishing, etc.)
  • Technology Exporters
  • Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Wholesale
  • Facilities Managers
  • Government
  • Business Services (including Accounting, Marketing, Advertising, Legal, etc.)
  • Various small businesses.